LLP "Nitrogen Works" is ready to offer the following services:

  • Testing
  • inerting
  • Drying process and trunk pipelines, reservoirs.

Delivery of gas on the Kazakhstan and Russia.

For the quality execution of work LLP "Nitrogen Plant" has:

  • the latest equipment, diesel power plants, the presence of which allows you to work at a considerable distance from sources of electricity; fleet of special vehicles.
  • its own production of cryogenic products, which ensures the maintenance of product quality at a high level (ODA Nitrogen - 99.99%) and stability, continuity of supply.
  • a highly qualified staff that makes the work in strict compliance procedures, work performance and safety requirements .

The company has implemented a quality management system (QMS) that complies with the requirements of RK ISO 9001-2009. "Quality Management System. Requirements ".

LLP "Nitrogen Plant" has a state license number 001887 of 29.12.2007. Operation of chemical plants and licensed by the State 16.07.2008g. Transportation of Dangerous Goods.